Jaytech - Everything Is Ok CD

Jaytech - Everything Is Ok CD

Jaytech - Everything Is Ok CD

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These are changing times...Eschewing the flat, linear sounds of minimal and dispensing with the sugary chords of saccharine trance, the young electronic stars of 2008 are creating a new middle ground. One such talent is Jaytech, aka James Cayzer, who at 22 has carved himself an enviable reputation as a supremely credible producer, DJ, and live talent. "Everything Is OK" is his debut artist album.

One of the most accomplished debut electronic albums of the year, "Everything Is OK" should see his profile catapult. The 12 tracks include the blissful electronica of the album's opening shot, "Nighthawk", the melodic chunk of "Highway Rockers", the funk-soaked "Special X", the deep but muscular trance of "Pyramid", "Gray Horizon" - the first of two tracks featuring the vocals of Melody Gough (the other being the sublime "Drive"), "Groove Nova's" driving tech groove, and more.


1. Nighthawk

2. Highway Rockers

3. Solero

4. Pepe's Garden

5. Pyramid

6. Gray Horizon feat. Melody Gough

7. Natsukashi

8. Groove Nova

9. Vela

10. Special X

11. Deadlock

12. Drive feat. Melody Gough